Ideon Price Adjustment / Textile Enhancement

We are pleased to announce some important changes coming to IDEON pricing effective Monday, April 6, 2015.

-The current letter grading system for IDEON will disappear. All textiles will now have a single grade – the current SitOnIt Seating number grade. This reduces the number of fabric grades from 26 down to 12, putting us in line with our key competitors. Some configurations will see slightly higher pricing, while some will be lower.

-IDEON will have a small price increase averaging 1.9%. This is our first price change for IDEON since 2012. This increase was originally planned for 2014, but was delayed until now to coincide with the new fabric grading system.

-There will be no change in base price for Aviera.

SOI Amplify now available with contrast stitching!

Pick a thread, match a mesh, or go nuts and do something WILD!
Pick a thread, match a mesh, or go nuts and do something WILD!

Amplify Contrast Stitching: Custom Looks & Creative Design

SitOnIt Seating offers a striking, stylish accent to its new task chair, Amplify.

Ten striking thread colors contrast or complement the fabric on Amplify, giving the task chair an attention to detail unheard of in chairs in this price range. From bright Lemon to subtle Fog, these contrast thread colors add an extra design touch that make Amplify a stand-out in its price range.

These thread colors are available at no additional charge and are available with any SitOnIt Seating solid-color carded fabrics, including leather and vinyl (Sugar, Spice, Luxe, Horizon, Element, and Pop). Thread colors are: apple, desert, fire, electric blue, fog, lemon, navy, nickel, onyx, and white.

Go bold or add subtle sophistication — it’s your choice.

Check out all 10 exciting stitch colors by downloading the Amplify Contrast Stitching Card here.

View the contrast stitching gallery on the Amplify product page here.