Ideon Price Adjustment / Textile Enhancement

We are pleased to announce some important changes coming to IDEON pricing effective Monday, April 6, 2015.

-The current letter grading system for IDEON will disappear. All textiles will now have a single grade – the current SitOnIt Seating number grade. This reduces the number of fabric grades from 26 down to 12, putting us in line with our key competitors. Some configurations will see slightly higher pricing, while some will be lower.

-IDEON will have a small price increase averaging 1.9%. This is our first price change for IDEON since 2012. This increase was originally planned for 2014, but was delayed until now to coincide with the new fabric grading system.

-There will be no change in base price for Aviera.

Ideon Aviera Design Help

Ideon Aviera Layout
Ideon will layout your Aviera product to ensure it fits properly and provides you the correct solution for your client!

Ideon Aviera has many options, functions, shapes and sizes.  To assist with this, Ideon now draws out your Aviera spec to ensure accuracy and “fit”.  So spec it out and determine your layout and we’ll draw it out to make sure it fits and the specification is accurate.

What we will do – produce a 2D image after an Aviera PO is submitted to ensure accuracy, and/or create a 2D drawing and spec sheet to help “close” business.